Study Management


GLP Studies

  • Magnitude of the Residue

  • Environmental Fate

    • Terrestrial Dissipation

    • Aquatic Dissipation 

  • Pollinator Health

    • Pollen and Nectar Collection​

    • Semi-Field Studies

    • Full Field Studies

    • Hive Feeding Studies

  • Worker / Operator Safety

  • Environmental Safety / Air Monitoring

    • Field Volatility

    • Flux

  • Dislodgeable Foliar Residue

  • Turf Transferable Residue


Study Management Team

Fred Rice

Study Director - E-fate, Residue, Pollinator, Volatility/Flux

M.S. Plant Physiology / Biochemistry - University of Missouri / Columbia

Alex Gibbs 

Study Director - E-fate, Pollinator, Volatility/Flux

B.S. Plant Science -University of Missouri / Columbia

Andrew (Andy) Thiel 

Study Director - Residue E-fate

B.S. Plant Science -University of Missouri / Columbia

Brian Lange

Study Director - Volatility/Flux, Residue, Pollinator

B.A. Biological Sciences - California State University Fresno

Environmental Fate Studies

2017-08-30 09.40.56
Dissipation Study Soil Application
Dissipation Study Turf Application
Dissipation Study Soil Sampling
Dissipation Study Soil Application
  • Over 60 years of combined experience

  • Managed over 300 environmental fate studies


  • Regular sponsor communication

  • Confirmation of application rates and sampling dates

  • Track shipments to the laboratory


  • Site instrumentation

  • California irrigation requirements

  • Soil moisture and evapo-transpiration data

  • Accurate application of water inputs.

  • On-site for study kickoff


Pollinator Studies

Citrus Flower with Nectar
Coffee Flowers for Nectar Collection
Coffee Nectar
Soybean Pollinator Study
Cucumber Flower with Nectar
  • Managed over 60 pollinator related studies

  • Estimated 120 locations in the US, Columbia, and Brazil


  • Pollen and nectar collection

  • Semi-field

  • Hive feeding studies


  • Ensure consistent sampling techniques

  • Supply written sampling instructions for PFI

  • Supply all sampling containers

  • Practice sampling techniques ahead of time

  • On-site for the first sampling event for training  


Magnitude of the Residue Studies

2014-10-02 13.46
2015-04-29 08.26.14
2014-07-29 16.54.22a
2017-12-08 10.01.12
Leaf Lettuce Sampling
  • Managed over 500 residue study programs

  • Placed over 5,000 trials across the US, as well as Central and South America.  

  • Regular sponsor communication

  • Confirmation of application rates and sampling dates

  • Track shipments to the laboratory

  • Start the reporting process at the time of the first application

  • Establishment timelines early in the study

  • Monitor progress of sample analysis

  • Meet sponsor reporting timeline