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Mobile Laboratory

  • 40-foot long gooseneck trailer with 8-foot ceilings

  • Two rooms with separate entry doors

  • Clean storage room for study matrices and supplies

  • 8,500 watt diesel generator provides ample power for built-ins, lighting, and multiple sample storage freezers

  • Freezers are equipped with primary and backup temperature monitoring systems

  • Monitoring of temperature departures and power outage, monitored via 4G link-up alerts researchers of any problems

  • Full restroom, including shower

  • Built in refrigerator and freezer capable of running on propane or AC power

  • Interior and exterior halogen lighting

  • 20-foot electric awning

  • Separate heat and A/C units for each work room

  • Every inch of the interior was designed for optimum storage and use of field research equipment and supplies

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2018-06-29 19.10.18.jpg
2018-06-24 08.58.23.jpg
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