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Contact Lange Research and Consulting

Corporate Office

2501 N Business Park Ave Suite A

Fresno, CA 93727


Personnel & Contact Information

Director of Research

Brian Lange - Director of Research, Study Director 



Study Management

Fred Rice - Study Director - E-fate, Residue, Pollinator, Volatility/Flux


Alex Gibbs - Study Director - E-fate, Pollinator, Volatility/Flux



Andrew (Andy) Thiel - Study Director - Residue, E-fate


Ali Csinos - Study Director - Residue, Efficacy


Corrin (Cory) Lange - Specialty Studies Lead - Worker Exposure, Volatility/Flux


Field Study Managers

Cameron Lange - PFI - Field Studies, Worker Safety, Air Monitoring



Stefanie Lange - PFI - Field Studies, California Station Manager


Business Management

Brenda Lange - Finacial Manager, CFO - Accounting

559-981-5793 office

Chrystal Johnson - Business Manager - Accounting, Personnel

Field Research Staff

Jose Madrigal - Research Associate, California

Marcus Arnold - Research Scientist, California

Caiyao Yuan - Research Scientist, CaliforniaCaiyaoYuan

Ezequiel (Zeke) Barrera - Research Scientist, California

Corrin Lange - Research Scientist, California

Gilbert Garcia - Research Associate, California

Kayla Dodt - Research Associate, California

Adam Cutter - Research Assistant, California

Travis Kelley - Research Associate, Florida

Mark McMillan - Research Associate, Florida

Ines Cook - Research Associate, Florida

Mathew (Matt) Wilson - Research Scientist, Missouri

Peyton Jones - Research Scientist, Missouri

Aaron Green - Research Scientist, New York

Tessa Lessard - Research Scientist, New York

Keagan Handley - Research Scientist, New York

Report Writers

Maryann Cenni - Report Writer

Scott Sugimoto - Report Writer

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