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We are proud to announce another new member of our research team:

 Alex Gibbs joins Lange Research and Consulting

 In our continued effort to provide unsurpassed experience and capability in the management and execution of GLP field research programs, we are excited to announce the addition of Alex Gibbs to the LRC team.  Alex will join us in the role of Research Scientist and Project Manager. 

We look forward to learning from and working with Alex as he brings his expertise in Residue Chemistry, Environmental Fate, Pollinator Risk, Runoff, and Volatility, as well as his knowledge in field instrumentation, modelling and kinetics. 

Please join us in welcoming Alex to the LRC team.

Brian Lange                                                                  Alex Gibbs                                          
559-647-9800 (mobile)                                                573-355-8608 (mobile)